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Ashford Sales Building


At Ashford Sales, we are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to the recreational industry for over five decades. Established in 1971, our journey has always been committed to customer satisfaction and providing excellent products and services, a legacy carried forward through two generations. With nearly 200 years of combined experience, our family has helped the recreational public of Newfoundland, offering tailored trailer solutions for over 50 years.

Ashford team
Old building
current building

Since our foundation, our mission has always been to provide the people of Newfoundland with the best possible solution for their towing needs. As a family-owned business, we have always been close to our community, ensuring we could offer products and services that would resonate with the necessities of our customers. Whether providing the right trailer for the right situation, or offering the appropriate assistance for a specific problem, we strongly believe that our years of experience combined with the close relationship we have built with our community help us find the best solution for our customers’ needs.

At Ashford Sales, we are not just selling and repairing trailers, we are building lasting relationships and ensuring every adventure you embark on is supported by our expertise and passion for excellence.

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